Creating A Great User Experience On Your Business Website

Published on
July 10, 2023

The user experience you provide your potential customers on your website will greatly impact if they will want to continue to learn about your business or to click the back button and forget you ever existed. There are a few key items that impact the user experience you provide such as the quality of design, clarity in your content, navigation to find information easily, and page speed. 

Website Design Quality

When you come to a site, just by looking at the design you start evaluating the credibility of the business. Your users are no different and by having a modern website design it helps build trust. One important aspect of a website is ensuring it is responsive which means it responds to the size of the screen. So either a desktop, tablet or mobile device the design needs to respond or change to create the best user experience for your users. 

Responsive websites may be one of the most important things you can do for your website because 59 percent of organic search traffic was on mobile devices in 2019. This means 59 percent of people that went to a search engine to research a topic were using a mobile device. If you have a site that is not responsive you are most likely losing many customers.

These days it is really easy to get a website that is responsive with all the template options out there. Being responsive is not the only thing your website needs to be effective as it relates to the design. Research has shown 57 percent of internet users will not recommend a business if that business has a poorly designed website on mobile devices.

The overall design, layout, and navigation of a site is just as important to user experience so it is not all about responsive design. 38 percent of users will stop interacting with your website if the content or the design layout is unattractive. User experience and quality design are critical for your business to keep your potential customers engaged with your business.

If you are serious about ensuring your website is effective at generating leads, you should invest in a quality design that is not only responsive but is also pleasing to the eye, and is easy for your potential customers to use. 

Page Speed

We have all been there where we click on a website and we start to wait. We continue to wait and it is still loading and loading and then we get frustrated after a few seconds a little voice in our head says “is this website worth your time?”  Then we click the back button and find another site that will answer our question in a speedy way.  People are busy and if they have to wait at most more than 3-4 seconds for your site to load they will find another site. 

Page speed is impacted by many things such as how clean the code is on your site. Many templates and theme builders out there are bloated with unnecessary code to try to be a fit for all website needs. This excess code means your browser has to process unneeded code to display the website. 

Another element that impacts page speed is your hosting solution. If you are hosting your website on a cheap host they will not have the dedicated resources to serve up your site in a speedy way. 

Oversized images are a contributing factor to slow page speeds. I have seen some sites where they have images that are massive in file size which takes forever to download and therefore makes the site very slow. 

Clear Message & Content

There are many aspects to providing a great user experience such as design, navigation and page speed but all of this is to provide your message and content in a way that is easy to understand. Design’s main purpose is to ensure the content can be easily understood. People do not spend a lot of time when reading content so it is always best to break up the content into smaller, more digestible pieces. This will help ensure users consume your content so they are aware of what you have to offer and their benefits. Learn more about how to create a clear message and content for your website.