Local SEO Services To Increase Local Leads

Local SEO is critical if you want to show up at the top of the page for local business searches and on Google Maps. This is why our SEO services have local SEO included.  By having a strong monthly local SEO strategy, it can increase traffic to your site and generate more leads for your business.

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Audit Your Local SEO

Assess your current issues with local SEO to determine what areas need to be built and fixed to get best results.

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Citation Building

Ensure ample directories and profiles for your business are built and have NAP consistency which improves trust and prominence with Google.

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Core Profiles Synced

Ensure your core profiles are optimized and stay synced with your correct bussiness information. (Google, Apple, Bing, & Facebook)

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Data Aggregators

Local directories come to trusted data aggregators to collect and verify business information. Ensure your business is listed with the best data aggregators.

Schema Code

When you bundle local SEO with a new website I ensure your website is optimized for local SEO by adding local business schema code and an optimized location page.

Built By Experience

My Proven Local SEO Service

Local SEO can be tricky with lots of details in setting up your local SEO campaigns correctly. With years of experience with local SEO, I can help your business improve its local SEO visibility.

Citation Building

To increase the performance of your local SEO you need to increase your prominence on the internet. This means having your business mentioned multiple times. A great way to do this is through Citation building where your business will be listed on high quality business directories.

I create and update your business information on the top 50 directories for your business. Also, I remove any harmful duplicate listings on the same directories.

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Active Profile Syncing

There are 4 core active profiles that each business should have and kept synced with correct business data. These include Google My Business, Facebook, Apple Maps, & Bing. Sometimes the information on these profiles get changed which negatively impacts your local SEO performance.

Keep your business information in these 4 active profiles correct.

Data Aggregators

A critical part of local SEO is having your correct business information synced with the most trusted data aggregators. These aggregators collected information about your business which is used by other directories and profiles. By having your information synced with these data aggregators it builds trust with Google and can improve your local SEO performance.

I submit your business information to these data aggregators to improve your local SEO performance.

Local SEO Services

These two services work together to create a Local SEO juggernaut!

Instead of combining these services into one and charging you way to much like others, I have separated them so you save money and still get the great benefits they provide.

Local Profiles & Citations
Build and fix highest quality citations to ensure your business information is correct. Also, ensures Google, Facebook, Bing, & Apple Maps stays in synced with correct business information. A must have for local SEO success.
$249 /monthly
Build high quality citations
Fix incorrect citations
Correct business Name, Address, Phone, Website
Remove harmful duplicate listings
Business Schema Code
Active Sync with Google
Active Sync with Facebook
Active Sync with Bing
Active Sync with Apple Maps
Sync with Data Aggregators
Bundle Local SEO & Reviews
The complete local SEO strategy that will lead to more visibility and leads. Combines the local profiles and citations package with automated review generation. Total local SEO juggernaut!
$349 /monthly
Everything in Local Profiles & Citation package
Automated Review Generation
Unlimited Review Sites
Email Review Request Automation
200 SMS / Text Message Request Automation
Automated Reminders for Clients
Display Review Stream On Website
Client Feedback To Improve Your Customer Experience
I Will Setup Your Campaigns & Settings
Ongoing Support


Learn more about how I can help your digital marketing be more successful which can drive more leads and revenue for your business.

What is Local SEO?
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Local SEO is when you optimize your online presence for best practices so you are more likely to show up in local search results and Google Maps. This is especially important for local businesses whose customers are from the local area.

Why should I actively sync my core profiles?
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Your potential customers are going to be in contact with your business through your Google Business Profile, Facebook, Bing, or Apple Maps. Keeping your business information synced and correct on these 4 profiles is critical for users and to build trust with Google.

What are business directories and citations and how do they help my business?
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Business directories are simply websites that list out many different businesses and their information. Citations are mentions of your business and your business information. Both business directories and citations are important because Google uses them to cross reference information they have about your business with what other websites have. The more accurate your business information is across the internet the more trust you will have with Google and therefore better performance. I ensure the most important directories and citation for your business have accurate information.

Why should I bundle local SEO with a new website and review generation?
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I focus on helping only local service businesses and these services are the pillars of success. These areas are the three most important elements to have a fully optimized strategy. I have bundled these services together at a special price because skipping one of these elements can dramatically decrease the success of your digital marketing efforts.

If I already have a website will you do SEO for me?
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If you have a great website I will still do local SEO but I do not do on-site SEO on a site that I did not create. I have found my clients pay more for me to fix their current site than it would cost for me to create a new site the right way for SEO.

Still have questions?

I am here to help so just contact me and we can discuss your website and digital marketing needs.

Update One At A Time or All Together

Most Important Components Of Your Digital Marketing

With over 10 years of helping local service businesses I know the following are the most important for generating leads online. Either update them one at a time or all at once, start improving today!

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Custom Website

If your website is lame, you are losing money. Get a new custom site that will build confidence and leads for your business.

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Local SEO

Local businesses must have local SEO so they have a chance at being found by customers near them.

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I have a platform that makes asking for reviews simple. Don’t get left behind your competitors.

Trusted By Local Business Owners

I am committed to delivering great value to your business.

I worked with Justin at Image Digital Marketing to rebuild my business website. The process was smooth and seamless. As a solo business owner, Justin is incredibly personable and responsive. The end result is stunning. It is much more than we expected. Not only that, but we saw immediate results. These are all 100% quality leads. Justin provides the biggest bang for the buck I've ever, in over 25 years of creating marketing materials, encountered.
Guy Williams

Guy Williams


Guy Williams Architecture

Working with Justin to create a new website was not only a smart move, it was a great investment for our business. Justin took us through this process with a well-laid plan and time table. Justin helped us deliver the best way for users to navigate our site and services while providing strategic marketing practices throughout. We are very happy with our new, updated site and the results were almost immediate once we went live!
Kris Peterson

Kris Peterson

Owner & CEO

Admin Solutions Group

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