Best Digital Marketing Channels For Your Local Business

Published on
July 7, 2023

Now that you have a better sense of the two marketing strategies (Outbound & Inbound Marketing) let’s talk about the importance of understanding the different marketing channels and what are most important for inbound marketing. 

When you think of marketing channels think of many streams or rivers or traffic and awareness flowing towards a central location known as your business. Most of your marketing channels lead to your website which is why your website is so critical. These channels are different spaces to build the awareness of potential customers that need the services your business provides. For example, networking, mailers/flyers, billboards, trade shows, TV, radio, paid advertisement both print or digital, social media, email marketing, organic & local SEO all are different common channels to build awareness and trust with potential customers. The question for your business is which channels to invest in that will create the best results for your business. 

Important Digital Marketing Channels

The channels listed above are either part of outbound or inbound marketing and, no surprise, I have a bias towards inbound marketing because it is digital marketing. The reason is because I know it works and because the assets you invest in continue to work for you 24/7/365 and never go away. Those assets can exponentially increase your brand awareness and lead generation. 

Organic SEO

When a person searches in google, organic search results display that can lead a user to click on one of your pages. This channel can help generate traffic to your site which builds brand awareness and leads. Organic SEO should not be confused with paid ads or local ads. Learn more about the value of organic SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is just like organic where it is not paid for, but in the search results page of Google the local business results are different from traditional organic search results. While there is a relationship between organic and local SEO they are different channels that require different strategies and tactics to build traffic. Check out this article specifically on Local SEO and why it is so important for your local business.

Pay Per Click Advertising

This is a paid channel where you pay for ads to be displayed. While this is more outbound in the sense of when you stop paying the visibility to your ads, the value is you can target geographically and by keywords. This means the ads you are paying for are only being seen by people interested in your services. 

Social Media

This channel can be a lot of fun and be a lot of work. People put this channel on a pedestal where they think they need to share such high quality content that is profound that they never get to sharing anything. Social media is about being social and having fun and each business can do this with the right strategy which builds brand awareness and continues to build trust with those already connected with your brand. Check out this article on implementing an effective social media strategy. 

Email Marketing

The email marketing channel while some think is annoying when receiving emails if done right can be very effective in cultivating a community of people connected with your business. The secret to email marketing is to deliver valuable information and not use it to only sell all the time. Learn more about effective email marketing strategies and how they can help your business. 

With so many channels to invest in for your business to help achieve a successful marketing strategy, choosing the right combination can be difficult, which is why hiring a digital marketing agency with the right experience can help you achieve your business goals.