Making Things Clear For Local Glass Company

Polzin Glass
Polzin Glass
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The owner purchased the company had an outdated website that did not build trust or highlight current services of the business.

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Had a detailed conversation about the business and their idea customer. Put a lot of emphasis on their process and how to best help their customers

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Created an amazing new website which that highlights all their services along with creating an amazing user experience to help drive new leads.

When the new owner of Polzin Glass contacted me he had clear goals which was to create a great website that clearly communicated the value of all their services. The new owner found my website and testimonials and was confident I was the right person to provide him with website design and development services. The current website was vague and did not cover all their services which was hurting their business. The site was older and had an outdated design that did not build trust with users.

My Process

We first had an introduction call before any contracts were signed. One thing the owner appreciated was how I was very direct and answered all his questions. This is what over 10 years of experience will get you vs. others that just say “it depends”. After the contract was signed we had a discovery call where we dug deep into who their ideal customer was and what was the sales process for them. Having a clear understanding of how his customers went through the sales process and working with insurance customers allowed me to create very clear content and design to help generate more leads. As part of all my website projects I did extensive research for SEO purposes and ensured we created the right pages and targeting the right keywords to maximize performance. Then I went to work to create wireframes for the site and then developed the site in Webflow.

The Result

The end result of the site is that it looked amazing. Not only that the site was fully optimized for search engines but the user experience was very clear so when users came to the site they had a very clear understanding of what to expect and the value the business would bring to them. This is key for developing trust and converting a prospect to a lead.

Polzin Glass