From SEO Audit To Phone Ringing Off the Hook

Hepa Vac
Hepa Vac
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Sole proprietors needed help to quickly generate more leads and customers to increase revenue. Sales were flat and growth was needed for the business to be successful. The business website was outdated and SEO had not been done by a professional.

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Completed a comprehensive SEO audit to assess current standings against best practices. It was clear a new website was needed so a new lead generating site was created that aligned with the businesses brand.

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The new site generated a high level of quality leads for the business which filled up the owner’s calendar with new customer appointments. Revenue increased for the business and they are now on a stronger footing.

2022 Update

After creating a website for HepaVac 5 years ago Reed the owner came back and said I need a redesign. He said he trusted me and wanted a modern site. I said yes but first I have moved to Webflow since last doing your site and I take a content story approach which can help increase conversions. Reed was onboard. We went through my new process and created an amazing new site. Reed said "I'm beyond excited" about his new website. It is exciting to know when I work with clients I establish a long term value and trust.

About HepaVac Duct Cleaning

Reed, the owner of Hepa Vac Duct Cleaning, needed to find a way to increase revenue to help ensure his business would be successful. Connecting with the right type of customer can be very challenging. There are many ways to market your business and the challenge is picking the one that will create the best results with the budget that your business can afford. Reed decided to explore how SEO could improve his website and was referred to me through common networking channels.

The Approach We Took

I have helped many clients over the years and I was excited to get started to help Reed with his website and digital marketing efforts. Reed wanted to start with a comprehensive SEO audit to assess how his current site could be improved. I took Reed through my process where I first completed a brand discovery meeting where I get to know Reed, his business, and his customers. Then after having a strong understanding of Reed’s business I completed a comprehensive SEO audit. 

The SEO audit documented a large number of issues with his website and online presence that did not line up with best practices. Being honest with Reed it would take just as much time and money to update his current site as it would be to build a whole new site. 

Reed made the bold decision to have me create a new website for his business that would be completely optimized for lead generation and SEO. The decision paid off. 

After completing the new website, ensuring it was optimized for search engines, Reed started getting a lot more leads. The site was generating more traffic which leads to more leads. Reed said “my phone won’t stop ringing.”

I am a small business owner. Justin was very patient and flexible in working around my schedule. The results of the new website speak for themselves - my phone won’t stop ringing! I have seen an impressive increase in revenue since launching Justin’s website. He is also incredibly responsive if something unexpected occurs. I am extremely satisfied with Justin’s services.
Hepa Vac

Reed Manke

Owner & Operator

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