Local Business's Step In New Direction Leads to Big Gains

Healthy Indoor Air
Healthy Indoor Air
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A local business wanted their website to clearly reflect who they were as a business and ensure users understood the value of the products they sold. In addition the business wanted to increase traffic to their site to help increase sales.

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Created a brand new responsive website that was focused on providing their website users a great user experience. The new website highlighted how their business can help their customers solve their problems with the services and products they sell.

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The new website along with SEO has greatly increased the traffic to their site and has generated a much higher level of leads.

About Healthy Indoor Air

The owner of Healthy Indoor Air LLC, Boyd, purchased the business many years prior. The purchase included a website with a dated design, old information about the products and services, and did not clearly speak to the audience about the new brand Boyd has been creating. As a result, the site did not generate much traffic or new leads for the business. Boyd knew it was best to hire me for my comprehensive website design services so I could build him a new website.

The Approach We Took

Boyd decided to research his options for updating his website and was introduced to me at Image Digital Marketing by a trusted friend who was a past client of mine as well. I took Boyd through my proven process of brand discovery, design mockups, development, SEO and launch. 

It is important for me to have a comprehensive understanding of Boyd’s business, how they work, their services and products, and the customers they are targeting. Having this information allows me to create a great user experience for potential customers which can help create more leads for the business. 

Once the brand discovery was complete I walked Boyd through my design process where I mocked up wireframes of the design. This process helps ensure my customers can provide value insight into the design of the site, for me to explain best practices, and so we are both on the same page about what content is needed throughout the site. 

After the design and content was completed I developed the site and we were ready to launch. In addition to launching the site I also ensured the site was optimized for search engines and  their local business profiles like their Google My Business page were also optimized.

The results really speak for themselves where the traffic has soared and the site has generated more leads for the business.

Traffic to the Website

Image Digital Marketing has been working with my organization for the past year and their services was impeccable. They were a game changer in the performance of our website and because of them, we are receiving positive feedback from our clients. I strongly recommend the services of the company and I am looking forward to working with Justin again in the near future.
Healthy Indoor Air

Boyd Sorensen


Healthy Indoor Air