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Leads were drying up for the business. I completed a website audit and found many bad SEO practices on the site which was leading to rankings going down

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It was more cost effective to start from scratch to build a brand new site that had a new design to build trust and setup for SEO. Also, we implemented Local SEO to fix Google Business Profile issues along with incorrect business information on many local profiles across the internet.

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The site turned out amazing and the client is very happy. The performance is bouncing back after months on a downward trend. Already seeing more leads being generated so the team at Airduct Clean busy.

Chris the owner of Airduct Clean reached out to me after seeing the great work I had done for other local service businesses like his. He told me his business was really struggling with generating leads and it was starting to cause concern for the business. The sites performance and rankings were decreasing the the calls were starting to slow down. He asked that I take a look at his website and SEO and provide some guidance.

After completing an SEO audit I found many issues with his site that was causing performance concerns. This was validated when I was able to look at the analytics data which showed a huge drop in traffic the same time Google updated their algorithm which focused on helpful and quality content. In addition there were many other issues with the website and local SEO issues such as inconsistent NAP information and his Google Business Profile not being fully optimized.

I informed Chris that the time and effort to update his current site would end up costing the same as creating a brand new modern website that had all the best SEO practices implemented. It was a no brainer for Chris and he hired me to build a new website and update his local SEO.

Because of my efficient process the process only took a few weeks which was great because we wanted to have the site done before Chris' busy season.

Chris is very happy with my website design services and the local SEO work and we are already seeing some positive results.

After seeing our website performance go down I reached out to Justin to see how he could help my business. I wanted to hire a person that had experience working with local service businesses and understood how to get results. I have hired Justin with Image Digital Marketing for both a new website and local SEO services. It has been great working with Justin. His process is very efficient so the work gets done fast but at the same time the quality is very high. He provides knowledgeable insight into improving your overall website while improving your sites rankings. I would highly recommend Image Digital Marketing to anyone looking to update their current site or someone who needs a website for the first time.
Airduct Clean

Chris Agius

Owner & Master Technician

Airduct Clean