When A Broken Site and User Experience Hinders Your Messaging

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Build a new website which creates a high-quality user experience and to communicate the message of the organization to current and prospective members. The new website will use a non-Wordpress platform due to vulnerabilities of Wordpress.

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I created a new site using Webflow, which mitigates issues of code conflicts and security issues. The site focused on creating an easy to follow structure so prospective members and current members could both find most applicable information.

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The new site is a big success. Current users love the new site and how easy it is to find the information they are looking for. The site is focused on guiding prospective members through the process to become members.

Meet The Client

AgriGrowth is a non-profit organization that focuses on agriculture. They provide a means for members in the agriculture industry to come together to learn and to advocate. The AgriGrowth hired a great communication firm called K2&Co, which focuses on communication and messaging. They all agreed to help effectively communicate they needed a better website so they hired Image Digital Marketing. The old AgriGrowth site was not very easy to add new content and when trying to update the Wordpress platform and plug-ins the site crashed. They were in need of a serious new upgrade and hired me to help them with the process.

The Process and Results

Like all my projects the first step is understanding the business or organization. Then, just as important is to understand who the users are of the website. We don’t make websites for the business or organization, but we make websites for the targeted user and understand them is paramount. 

Next I created mockups of the home page and through collaboration ensured I was on the right track for the new design and brand of the organization. After the home page wireframe was completed I built out the rest of the wireframes for each page. This helps ensure we are all on the same page with how the page will look and what content is needed. 

After the wireframes and content are completed I developed the site. What was interesting about this site is it now has a custom blog and custom events cards so after the site was done they could easily add blog and event information. This made it very easy for the organization to create new content and it would automatically update the site. In addition I created custom team member pages so they could add new members by just filling out simple fields. 

After the site was launched there was great feedback from the users and the organization. It has made it easier to add and update information on the site. 

Image Digital Marketing really took into account the voice and goals of our organization when putting together our new website. The flow of the website is easy to navigate and it has a nice, clean layout. Justin was also great in helping us navigate some difficulties with our old site as we transferred to a new one, and appreciate his thorough work and dedication to detail.

Tamara Nelson

Executive Director