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The Challenge

Creating a website and blog that captures such a great story.

The Approach

Used my process of discovery call, wireframes, collaboration, & building the website & blog in Webflow.

The Result

A modern and inviting website that tells their story and provides a great user experience to help others with their adapted adventures.

It is always great to meet and work with people who are so willing to give to the community. I was approached to create a brand new website with a blog for their vision of sharing who they are and their adventures to help others. It was great to work with two wonderful people to see their vision come to life.

Wireframe & Information Architecture

My have a proven process that when used for any business, non-profit, or brand works every time. This time was no exception when creating a new website and blog for their brand. I first start with a discovery call to really understand who they are and what they want to convey. Then I provide my expert insights on how to make their vision even better. After have a great conversation I have what I need to create wireframes.

Think of wireframes as a blueprint for how the sites content and design elements are organized in a strategic layout to create the best user experience. I shared the wireframe with Kasey & Andrea and after some great collaboration we had a solid plan of how the site will be structured. They were very excited by the direction we were heading and could not wait for the site to be developed.

Developing In Webflow

Once I had the wireframe which has the content and layout all figured out and approved I started developing the site in Webflow. With Webflow I am able to develop great sites visually without writing a line of code but the platform only creates the doe that I design. It allows me to have full control of the design and creates clean code that is great speed, security, & accessibility.

The Unveiling

Once the site was all developed I shared with Kasey and Andrea. They were super excited for their new website and blog. The site had create blog features that creates a great user experience. Also, it is so easy for them to add new content to the site for their new blog posts.

I am so excited to see where they take their new website and blog and extremely happy they were so ecstatic with how the website turned out.

Client's Testimonial

I have nothing but great things to say about Justin's website design work! He built a website that was exactly what my husband and I were looking for for our brand. Every meeting and communication we had was very professional and we felt at ease and heard. The discovery call, questions, and draft layout that he came up with helped a ton for guiding us how to write optimized content. He was able to design a website at a very reasonable timeline. Throughout the process, Justin made sure he was delivering what we envisioned. He paid attention to detail, and even suggested some amazing features that we hadn't thought about before. The website has great user experience, follows industry's best practices for design, accessibility, UX, and SEO. We couldn't be happier with the final result. If you're looking for a new website for your brand or business, I 100% recommend working with Justin!!
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