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A Brighter Image
A Brighter Image
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A Brighter Image provides the same services but to multiple levels of customers. On their previous website, this meant duplicate pages of the same service but for different customer levels which made the navigation and user experience terrible.

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After having my brand discovery session with the owner so I understood their business and challenges, I went to work trying to figure out a way to communicate to the users what services were available for each level of customer.

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I created custom badges for each customer level and custom icons for each service. Using these illustrations makes it very easy for the user to understand what services are for them. The client loves the new design and within days of the site launch they already had a new client.

Like many businesses that invested in a website 5+ years ago, they are seeing their competition getting redesigned websites that are more modern. The owner of A Brighter Image recognized that to continue to be competitive they needed a new website. 

Hiring A Digital Marketing Expert

The owner hired me because she recognized I just don’t set up websites, but I have a proprietary process that allows me to truly understand their business and create a custom website using my expertise in web design, SEO and information architecture to create a great website.

One of the challenges was how A Brighter Image provides the same services to different levels of customers such as commercial, multi-unit housing, and single family homes. I didn’t want to create three service pages targeting each customer level because this would not be good for SEO. 

After doing extensive keyword research and thinking of a custom navigation, I had the idea of creating custom badges for each customer level. The badges would display in the top section of each page to visually communicate if that service was for the user on the site. In addition I created custom icons for each service to communicate what each service was and provides that extra level of polish of a great-looking site. 

The Results

The owner loved the concept when I shared the wireframes outlining the layout of the different types of pages. Once the wireframes were approved, I developed the site using Webflow, which allows me to create a custom website and not have to worry about the limitations of templates that WordPress and others create. 

The end result is an amazing looking website that is modern and clean and provides a great user experience. The client is very happy with the site and after just a few days being live they signed up a new client who found them through their website.

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Working with Justin to create a new website was not only a smart move, it was a great investment for our business. Justin took us through this process with a well-laid plan and time table. Justin helped us deliver the best way for users to navigate our site and services while providing strategic marketing practices throughout. We are very happy with our new, updated site and the results were almost immediate once we went live!
A Brighter Image

Kris Peterson

Owner & CEO

Admin Solutions Group