SEO Audit To Improve Your Website’s Performance

A SEO audit will help you understand how to align your website with current best practices. If your website is not meeting your expectations a comprehensive SEO audit may be a perfect first step to improving your website’s performance.

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The Struggles of a Non Performing Website

Being a business owner of a small to medium-sized company has many challenges and generating leads from your website doesn't have to be one of them. Having a website that is not optimized to current best practices could be costing your company missed opportunities and lost business. Perhaps your website was created by a person who was not skilled in SEO and now your site is not generating the traffic or leads you were expecting. I understand how this can be very frustrating for you as a business owner, which is why I offer a comprehensive SEO audit so you know how to improve your website.

Who Is The Best Fit For an SEO Audit

I provided a one-time comprehensive SEO audit that is a perfect for a small business website with up to 10 or so pages. Many small businesses have built their own websites or had someone who is not an expert in SEO build their site. I provide my clients with a list of recommendations and explanations about each area that I am checking and why it is important. With the implementation of the recommendations of my SEO, you can see increase in traffic which can increase your business’s leads.

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SEO Audit Features

I provide a comprehensive SEO audit that covers a wide and deep analysis of your website as it compares to your competition and current SEO best practices.

I ensure your Google Analytics and Google Search Console is set up correctly, and if it is not set up at all I will take care of that as well.

I also take it to the next level with ensuring your Google My Business page is verified and optimized correctly.

Competitve Analysis
Analyze your competition to build a better strategy
Technical SEO
Technical aspects align with Google's best practices
keyword research
Align your keywords with what your clients are searching
Google Analytics
Ensure your GA account is setup to best practices
Search Console
Setup and optimize Google Search Console
Google My Business
Verify and optimize your Google My Business page


Justin was wonderful to work with from start to finish. He strived to learn in depth what our client was after in a new website, the goals of the organization, and how he could build a site catered to those needs. He was very responsive throughout the process, regularly communicating updates about content, timelines and more. He also made the website very user friendly so we can easily make changes on the back end as we update content for our client.
Kirsten Kukowski
Image Digital Marketing really took into account the voice and goals of our organization when putting together our new website. The flow of the website is easy to navigate and it has a nice, clean layout.  Our new website helps paint a clear picture of the value of our work, as well as lays out a clear process on how they can become involved. Justin was also great in helping us navigate some difficulties with our old site as we transferred to a new one, and appreciate his thorough work and dedication to detail.
Tamara Nelson
Executive Director
Image Digital Marketing has been working with my organization for the past year and their services was impeccable. They were a game changer in the performance of our website and because of them, we are receiving positive feedback from our clients. I strongly recommend the services of the company and I am looking forward to working with Justin again in the near future.
Boyd Sorensen
Healthy Indoor Air
I am a small business owner. Justin was very patient and flexible in working around my schedule. The results of the new website speak for themselves - my phone won’t stop ringing! I have seen an impressive increase in revenue since launching Justin’s website. He is also incredibly responsive if something unexpected occurs. I am extremely satisfied with Justin’s services.
Reed Manke
Owner & Operator
Hepa Vac Duct Cleaning

SEO Audit FAQs

Q. What if the audit determines my business needs a new website, did I just waste my money on an audit?
Q. What if I don’t know how to update my website per the recommendations?
Q. What if I don’t understand all the information in the audit?
Q. What if my website is larger than 10 pages?

Case Studies

Local Businesses Step In New Direction Leads to Big Gains

A local business wanted a new modern website to clearly reflect their business and products. After building a new site and optimizing it for search engines, their traffic is soaring.

Full Case Study
From SEO Audit To Phone Ringing Off the Hook

Sole proprietors needed help to quickly generate more leads. Completed a SEO Audit and new website. Now the phone is ringing off the hook with new customers.

Full Case Study
When A Broken Site and User Experience Hinders Your Messaging

A non-profit organization had a site that was falling apart and crashing. We collaborated to create a new website that provides a great experience and easy to update.

Full Case Study

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