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When marketing your business sometimes a little risk can pay off big. Reed, the owner of Hepa Vac Duct Cleaning, reached out to me for an SEO Audit to help improve his website’s performance.  After completing the comprehensive audit, Reed took a bold step and realized it was more financially viable to invest in a new website instead of spending the money to update his current site. I researched Reed’s business, the industry, and completed a competitive analysis so I could build an effective and modern site that could generate more leads for Reed’s business.  I created a great new site that reflected Hepa Vac Duct Cleaning’s brand and clearly communicated the services. The final results were a dramatic improvement in the calls and emails from the new website.

Reed states, “The results of the new website speak for themselves-my phone won’t stop ringing!”

The Mission

Reed, a sole proprietor and owner of Hepa Vac Duct Cleaning was not happy with the results of his current digital marketing strategy which primarily was his website. His goal was to increase his leads through improving his website.

The Decision & Risk

After completing a comprehensive SEO audit, including a full analysis of his current website and conducting a competitive analysis to see how he compared to the competition, there was a lot of opportunities for improvements. After consulting with Reed, I explained that the amount of time and effort to update his current site would be a similar cost as creating a new site that would be fulling optimized from the group up.

Reed's response was, “Let’s do it.  I'm tired of having a website that looks like a myspace page...”

The Process

With all my services, it all starts with understanding the businesses brand, services/products, and competitive landscape. After researching the Hepa Vac Duct Cleaning and asking Reed thoughtful questions, I created a design that would his customers would find very useful on any device. It is important to remember a website is made for your customers to inform them about your business. After presenting the design concept to Reed, he loved it, approved it, and I built his website.

Reed states, “I am a small business owner. Justin was very patient and flexible in working around my schedule. I gave him some very vague ideas and he ran with them and created a wonderful website.”

The Results

The launch of the website was a great success. Reed has been very satisfied with his new professionally design website that has been optimized for search engines.

Reed says, “I have seen an impressive increase in revenue since launching Justin’s website. He is also incredibly responsive if something unexpected occurs. I am extremely satisfied with Justin’s services.”

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