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St. Paul Police Foundation
St. Paul Police Foundation
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Create a new website that connects with the community and donors that support St. Paul Police Officers through the St. Paul Police Foundation.

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Understand all the great programs the St. Paul Police Foundation supports for the local community and for St. Paul Police.

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Created a great website that clearly communicates the mission of the St. Paul Police Foundation and how contributions help the community.

It is not every day you get to help an organization that really makes a difference for those who risk so much keeping our communities safe. I was approached to create a new website for the St. Paul Police Foundation, which is an organization that raises money to support St. Paul Police officers and the community. I could not turn down this opportunity to create a site that really communicated all the great things the St. Paul Police Foundation does raising funds to support the police. 

Starts With Process

Like all my website projects, I have a process that ensures I have a clear understanding of the organization and objectives of the website. This information is critical so I can use my messaging and design expertise to recommend the best layout and design to achieve those objectives.

I worked with the leaders of the organization to get this information and then created a wireframe that simply creates a layout of how each page will be organized. The wireframe includes content and core design elements like images, icons and navigation. I remember the team being very impressed by this approach and how the extra time I took to understand the organization paid off in creating a layout that communicated the message best. 

Design and Development

Once the wireframes were approved I worked on developing the site in Webflow which is the only platform I use for creating sites. Webflow allows me to create 100% custom sites with clean and secure code so I don’t have to worry about future platform updates and hackers. 

As part of the development process, I also add the design elements like colors, fonts, imagery, and other custom design elements to make the site come to life. The result was the organization was very happy and now they are raising money from the website to  support St. Paul Police officers and the community.

Justin was great to work with. He walked us through an easy process to collaborate which led to a great looking website. Justin ensured the site focused on communicating our mission and commitment to the community. We highly recommend him.
St. Paul Police Foundation

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Saint Paul Police Foundation