One Page Website To A New Full Experience

Midwest Custom Processing
Midwest Custom Processing
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Their current website was out dated, did not establish credibility and did not highlight their great services and capabilities.

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We worked to understand what was their ideal clients problems so we could create a new website that highlighted how their core services and capabilities solved their clients problems.

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We created an amazing new modern website that is fully mobile friendly. The new website covers all their core services, capabilities, highlights who do they serve, and build credibility. The team is extremely happy with the end results.

After years of having a single page website with an old design the great people of Midwest Custom Processing (MCP) knew it was time to update their website. They needed to generate more leads and to do that they needed to establish more credibility with potential customers that came to their website. 

After hearing good feedback from a past customer of mine MCP contacted me to update their website and to hire me for my website design services. As always I used my tried and true process to ensure we got the best results for MCP. 

The Process

We first had an hour long meeting where many of us joined Google Meets and I walked them through a series of strategic questions. These questions helped both myself but also helped them organize their thoughts and how they wanted the business and the brand to be presented. 

During these discovery sessions I focus on both their ideal customer and truly get to know who they are, what problems they have, and what obstacles or objections they may have when selecting a company to process their ingredients. Then we shift to who the business is and what solutions they have for their ideal customers and how to present them in the most effective way possible. 

Once we had a clear strategy for the website I created wireframes which are layouts for all the core pages. These wireframes created the flow of content or the information architecture of each core page. After collaboration the layouts were approved.

Development and Design

Then I developed and designed the website using Webflow. I love using Webflow because it allows me to start with a blank canvas and only creates the code needed for the website which means the site is very fast. 

The Outcome

The end result was a great new modern website for Midwest Custom Processing. The site was mobile friendly and had accessibility best practices. The messaging and design makes a truly great user experience for potential customers and can help lead to the generation of more customers for the business.

Midwest Custom Processing